Great Benefits Of Tallow Soap

If you have ever wondered how soap is made, well now you don't have to wonder again. This article will tell you about the process of soap making along with some extra information on grass-fed tallow soap. Below is the soap making process broken down into simple paragraphs.

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Basic Ingredients for Soap

In this article, we are talking about toilet soap and not detergents. The basic ingredients for your soap are lye, water, essential oils and fragrance. Of course, you also need a mold because you are making solid soap and not liquid soap. Once you have put all these things together, the actual process of soap making is quite simple.  

Soap Making Process

You can make soap in a matter of hours if you follow the process below carefully. First, you mix water and lye then you set it aside so it can get cool. After you have done this, you melt your oils and let them cool. The next step is to blend your lye, water and oils to form something called soap "batter". Once you finish blending this mixture, your soap is technically ready. Now, all you have to do is pour this mixture into a mold and let it harden for 24 hours. Your soap is actually ready but you cannot use it immediately because it is not fully "cured" yet. Get the soap out of the mold, cut it into bars then let it cure for two to three weeks.

Making Your Soap Special

Note that the process described above is the basic soap-making process. However, this does not mean you cannot make your soap much better than the one we have just described. Making high quality soap is all about going the extra mile and adding some quality ingredients to make your soap stand out from the crowd. 

Adding Classy Ingredients

You can add castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter to your soap to make it richer and more nourishing to the skin. These ingredients have different qualities and you cannot use all of them in one soap because that would be an overkill. Castor oil makes your soap have plenty of lather. Olive oil is moisturizes the skin and shea butter nourishes your skin. Select the one you love, add it to your soap and you will create a positively startling product.

Taking the Tallow Option

In case you did not know, tallow is an excellent ingredient for soap. If you want to take this option, you need one kilogram of tallow, 300 ml water, 132 grams of caustic soda and 1-2 table spoons of essential oil. Tallow is animal fat from beef but it is a great ingredient for soap. Contrary to what some people outside the soap industry think, tallow does not smell of beef or animal fat. On the other hand, it has many advantages. It is cheap and easy to access, it is a sustainable ingredient and best of all, you can always get this raw material from butchers who breed their cows the organic way. 

Final WordUse tallow for your soap and you will make excellent products all the time. In addition, you will support environmental protection because you are using natural and sustainable ingredients to create super soap.